Fundraiser: Michael Hawkins
Event: The ACRF Online Fundraising Program
Event Date: 15 Apr 2012

Mick's Haircut for a Great Cause

My target: $1,000.00Total raised: $1,195.00 AUD
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A Fundraiser Five Years in the Making

16 Apr 12 00:26 AM
Posted by Michael Hawkins
I have decided after five years of growing my hair without having it cut that now is the time for a change. I tried to think of a unique way to raise some money for a worthy cause and have a bit of fun at the same time, so I have decided to let you, my friends, family and strangers of the world decide my fate with the barber.

By donating to this great cause so that they can try to find a cure for cancer, you can choose one of four hairstyles (see the links below) and vote for your favourite. The easiest way to vote is to include the styl... Continue Reading →

The ACRF Online Fundraising Program for Australian Cancer Research Foundation

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to helping find a cure for cancer through the continued support of world-class research in Australia. Each year grants between $1.5million and $10million are awarded to leading researchers who aim to prevent, diagnose, treat and defeat all types of cancer. Our mission is to fund breakthrough research projects aimed at eliminating the devastating effects of cancer, working closely together with the research community & our supporters to achieve the dream of finding a cure for the one in three of us who will be touched by cancer. Every dollar of every donation received goes to cancer research. Learn more at

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Michael’s Supporters:
Den den 20 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD Go for the beck ham
Nat Wrightson (Boxall) 17 May 12 donation $15.00 AUD The Eric Northman! Awesome work mate :o)
Bobbe Bouche 17 May 12 donation $15.00 AUD Good on you Michael Bouche
17 May 12 donation $50.00 AUD Well done Mike
Des 10 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD The Eric Northman, of course. Very admirable, Mick. It's a great cause!
Jordy 10 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD Eric Eric Eric
Rhonda 10 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD Goodonyamate!
Jason 10 May 12 donation $30.00 AUD Proud of what you're doing!
Delys 08 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD Good on you Mick...gorgeous hair!!!
Amy J 07 May 12 donation $30.00 AUD Good work Michael and should be proud of yourself :) cant wait to see haircut!!!
SMac 05 May 12 donation $20.00 AUD Northman
Rosie's work 05 May 12 donation $25.00 AUD David!!
Aunty Leanne :) 03 May 12 donation $50.00 AUD Mick, so proud of you doing this. x
Robyn 29 Apr 12 donation $30.00 AUD Hi Mick, go Eric Northman for sure, nice work!
Lippo 27 Apr 12 donation $15.00 AUD Great cause - great effort - I have never known you with anything but long hair. Looking forward to the result - funds raised and hair cut!
Mel 26 Apr 12 donation $30.00 AUD Northman!
Pat 26 Apr 12 donation $20.00 AUD Entering the load/reload era?! \m/
25 Apr 12 donation $50.00 AUD Hey mate, I reckon you should do the Beckham
Fraser 25 Apr 12 donation $50.00 AUD :)
Nicola Thomas-Evans 25 Apr 12 donation $50.00 AUD Good Luck! I'm voting the Chance Crawford
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