MAYDAYS for Eating Disorders is Butterfly's annual awareness and advocacy campaign which takes place nationally throughout the month of MAY. Each year, our campaign draws on the experiences of Australians to highlight key concerns relating to eating disorders, and calls for change!

Our campaign focus for 2019 is on CARERS and the impacts an eating disorder has within the home on supportive others. Often, a sense of secrecy is attached to the realities for families (STIGMA), so at Butterfly we want to unveil this and normalise conversations about it. By having open conversations, we open doors for change.

This year, Butterfly conducted a consultative survey asking Australians to share their experiences on caring for a loved one experiencing an eating disorder.

Check out the results of the survey and resources below.

Butterfly’s mission is for all Australians affected by eating disorders to be able to access treatment regardless of their location or income.

Will you join us on this mission?


 We asked Australians to share their experiences as carers of someone experiencing an eating disorder. Here’s what we found:

- Over 40% of carers didn't seek support for themselves

- Almost 64% of carers acknowledge that they would benefit from psychological support

- Top four reasons for not accessing support were: 

            - I don't have time
            - I am unaware of support in my area
            - Support services are costly
            - I find it difficult to reach out for support

- 83% of respondents have highlighted the impact on their mental health

- 76% impacted their physical sleep, 76% impacted relationships, 71% impacted social life

- 63% of carers would be interested in connecting with other carers who are going through a similar experience

We are calling for urgent and lasting change and in order to do so, we need your help!


There are several ways you can get involved in MAYDAYS 2019 to help Butterfly open the doors to support more carers.

Set up a fundraising page here on Everyday Hero. You can ask people to donate to you directly or make a team with friends and family to combine your efforts.

Set your own target and send an email to your contacts to encourage their support. When you reach out for support from your networks, it helps to raise awareness of the seriousness and alarming cost of eating disorders.

Other ways you can support Butterfly:

DONATE: Butterfly is a national touchpoint for anyone experience an eating disorder. Help us continue to reach those in need and advocate for improved access and cost to services.

SHOP: Purchase some Butterfly branded merchandise or resources from our shop

SHARE YOUR STORY: If you have been touched by this campaign, and wish to share your story, please visit our Share Your Story page for more information.

SPREAD THE WORD: Has the treatment of eating disorders cost you or your family? Change your Facebook profile photo and join the conversation on social media and use the #carersneedcaretoo and  #MAYDAYS2019.

If you have any questions about setting up an Everyday Hero Supporter page or our MAYDAYS campaign, please contact Elizabeth Herd, Manager Fundraising on (03) 9040 1591 or

Remember YOU are part of the solution!

The team at Butterfly thank you.

Butterfly Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation is a national organisation that offers support for all people affected by an eating disorder and body image concerns. Along with our support services, such as the National ED HOPE Support Line, an Intensive Outpatient Program, an adolescent day program and regular support groups, we also run education programs across the country for young people, parents and professionals on building positive body image and self-esteem.

As well as being a leading national voice in supporting those impacted by eating disorders, Butterfly highlights the realities of seeking treatment for recovery, and advocates for improved services from both government and independent sources.

The foundation is dedicated to changing the culture, policy and practice in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and to raising awareness of eating disorders as a serious social, medical and mental health issue.

You can invest in a positive future for so many. Support our Butterfly services TODAY.

YOU are part of the solution!

1 heroes fundraising today.

  • $20 Funds a support group for a carer supporting someone with an eating disorder
  • $50 Could allow carers in a rural / remote community to access an online support group
  • $50 Could contribute to the development of resources for carers contacting the Helpline
  • $100 Could help develop information resources for parents and other supporters of individuals with eating disorders
  • $150 Funds a carer to attend a 6-week program where they learn skills in supporting their loved one
  • $150 Could enable a carer who is supporting someone experiencing an eating disorder to attend a 6 week face to face carer program
  • $200 Could enable someone experiencing an eating disorder to attend an 8 week face to face recovery program
  • $250 Could enable a couple who are supporting someone experiencing an eating disorder to attend an 6 week face to face carer program
  • $1,200 Could pay for a carer to attend 10 face-to-face counselling sessions
  • $2,000 Could support the development of a face-to-face support group in a regional area
  • $5,000 Could go toward helping a carer engage their loved one in IOP
  • $5,000 Could help a carer re-locate with their loved one to access needed treatment

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