Mummy’s Wish receives no government funding. We rely on the generosity and support of people just like you. Every dollar you raise makes a difference.  Set yourself a personal challenge and express how special Mummy’s Wish is to you by fundraising your way.

Get out of your comfort zone and get friends to sponsor you to run, walk, swim, climb, jump, shave or cut your hair, dance or SING! The possibilities are endless! You can fundraise on your own or get a team together and challenge each other.

Or perhaps Mummy's Wish is close to your heart? Sharing your story is a great way to spread awareness about Mummy's Wish and help other family's navigate their way through Mum's cancer treatment.

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Mummy's Wish

Mummy’s Wish is dedicated to the provision of really practical support that keeps families functioning and together during Mum’s cancer treatment.

We know that every family’s situation is different and tailor our support for each family to ensure that these young families can keep functioning during Mum’s battle with cancer. The work that we do allows Mums undergoing treatment to cope with their illness and meet the physical and emotional needs of a young family. We connect with the Mums on diagnosis and are there to offer support during her full treatment journey.

We can help with housecleaning and housekeeping, provision of nutritious meals, financial assistance, memory making ideas for terminal Mums, hospital parking assistance, a shoulder to lean on, assist with the provision of resources relevant to sharing the news of a terminal diagnosis with young children and so much more.
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$22. By giving $22, you could provide a special book, to help a young child understand what's happening to their mum.   Your gift could help answer the questions that are keeping them up at night, and put their fears to rest.

$96. By giving $96, you could provide two hours of specialised support time for a mum with cancer.  Your gift could help her find a way through the overload of information and emotion, at the most disorienting time - when she finds out she has cancer. 

$384. Your generous gift of $384 could provide six two-hour cleaning sessions.  Instead of mopping and vacuuming, mums with cancer could spend those two hours resting up or reading stories with their children - all thanks to you.

$1135. By giving a very generous gift of $1135, you could provide a full support service to a mum with cancer.  When a mum first contacts us after diagnosis, you could make sure she has one to one supprt from a dedicated coordinator, who can share helpful information and understand how best to offer support throughout her illness.   You could also give her a support pack with our adored talking teddy bear, so she can record cute and cuddly messages for her children. 

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