Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your birthday this year?

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or just another year older, click on Start Fundraising to invite your birthday guests, friends and family members to make a donation to The Lost Dogs’ Home in lieu of a birthday gift. It’s a great way to celebrate your special occasion, while at the same time ensuring staff and volunteers at the Home can continue to provide essential care for lost and abandoned dogs and cats. You can personalise your page with photos and each donation and message of support from your friends and family will be recorded for you to enjoy.

Or maybe you have a friend, family member or colleague with an upcoming birthday who really loves their pets, already have everything, or they are just really hard to buy for, you can click on Donate Now to make a donation to the Home in lieu of a birthday present. It’s a great way to acknowledge their love of dogs and cats, celebrate their birthday, and make an immediate impact on those dogs and cats who need it most. It’s a win, win, win!

The Home relies on donations to be able to provide essential care for 26,000 lost, abandoned, neglected or unwanted dogs and cats each year. Some may just need shelter, food and basic care until they’re claimed by owners, whilst others need intensive veterinary or foster care to ready them for new, loving homes. 

The Lost Dogs' Home

The Lost Dogs' Home has been providing care for lost, stray, injured and abandoned dogs and cats since 1910. This legacy of compassion continues today through services and programs that improve the welfare of unwanted animals. The Lost Dogs' Home plays a crucial role in the promotion of Responsible Pet Ownership and is a strong lobbyist for legislation that will decrease the number of abandoned and stray animals being admitted to animal pounds and shelters in community. The Home helps fight for fairer standards for those without a voice and cares for 26,000 dogs and cats every year.
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