Due to changes in course conditions as a result of the recent weather.

  • The 110km ride course will now be 95km.
  • All running events are cancelled. Runners can now choose to do the 20km or 10km walk on the day

This year's Tour de PIF Sydney Walk and Run will be held entirely within the beautiful Scheyville National Park, located about 1 hour north-west of Sydney.Alongside this we are also excited to offer options to run as part of this year's event.
Date: Friday, 20 September 2019
Location: Scheyville National Park, 122 Scheyville Road NSW 2756

There are two course options at Tour de PIF Sydney that you can choose to either walk or run this year:

Long course / ~20km

Walk Registration: 7:00am.  Start: 8.30am.  Finish: ~12:30pm
Run Registration: 9:30am  Start: 10:15am.  Finish: ~12:30pm
Click here for more details and the course map.
Short course / ~10km
Walk Registration: 8.30am.  Start: 9.45am.  Finish: ~12:30pm
Run Registration: 10:15am.  Start: 11:15am.  Finish: ~12:15pm
Click here for more details and the course map.


Tour de PIF Sydney Walk & Run Registration Information

All participants will receive access to the Event Village based within the Scheyville historic precinct, medical and other support, on-course food station with coffee and snacks, post-event lunch, shower facilities and networking opportunities.

Registration fee

Individuals Walk or Run + Lunch: $135

Pricing after Early Bird Pricing expires
Individuals Walk or Run + Lunch: $155
Lunch only - $50 (on sale a few weeks out from the event)

We also ask you assist us in our fundraising efforts by raising a tax deductible minimum amount of $250 per person.

Event Promo Posters

To help promote the event and your fundraising efforts, be sure to download the event posters and put them in a visible spot in your workplace.

Click here to see images from the Tour de PIF Sydney 2018 event.

Terms + Conditions
In the event of inclement weather or any other factor affecting participant safety, the Property Industry Foundation has the right to cancel the event to maintain participant safety. Any cancellation or changes to the event will be communicated to participants in advance. Should weather prevent event participation, guests will still be encouraged to attend the lunch component of the event, at your respective venue. Tour de PIF is raising vital funds for at-risk and homeless young people. Refunds will not be given should the event be cancelled as a result of bad weather.

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