2018 Kokoda Trek Challenge has now finished

01 Jan 2018 - 01 Jan 2019




$27 can support a Mate's participation in a group family counselling session, which will help Mates with physical and psychological issues reduce the impact of their condition on their children.

$108 can provide a Mate with a one-on-one counselling session with our expert psychologists who help them to overcome their debilitating PTSD symptoms including anxiety, sleeplessness and managing their emotions.

$512 can go towards essential rehabilitation equipment in a Family Recovery Centre, which helps the wounded restore muscle and joint functions, improve their conditioning, and help to maximise their independence.

$6,250 will sponsor a Mates to face the challenge which is Kokoda. This guided adventure challenge helps build resilience and physical well-being for a Mate on a track etched in Australia's Military history.

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