Together we can Turn Hopeless into Hope has now finished

03 Dec 2018 - 31 Jan 2019

$20 Could enable the parents of an someone with an eating disorder attend a Butterfly face to face support group

$50 Will go towards our Helpline counsellors developing resources to support individual and family recovery

$100 Will go towards more schools facilitating our first digital body image program for males

$300 Would enable someone experiencing an eating disorder and their support person attend a 6 week face to face recovery program

$500 Could support Butterfly sessional presenters in educating and empowering teachers, students and parents within a school community on prevention and early identification of eating disorders.

$1000 Could enable Butterfly to train and educate rural or remote community to deliver Butterfly's recovery and carer support programs

$5000 Could contribute to the relocation of an entire family for their loved to attend the Intensive Outpatient Program

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