Fundraiser: Gavin Lister
Event: The ACRF Online Fundraising Program
Event Date: 04 Jul 2010

Running the 1/2 Marathon for a Better Future

My target: $3,000.00Total raised: $4,530.00 AUD
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    The Finish!!!

Lets make a difference

07 May 10 06:54 AM
Posted by Gavin Lister
Well the race has been run and we have achieved all the objectives!!

We beat our dollar target and our time!!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of this and helping do something so important for our community.

See you next year!!!

Warm regards,


The ACRF Online Fundraising Program for Australian Cancer Research Foundation

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to helping find a cure for cancer through the continued support of world-class research in Australia. Each year grants between $1.5million and $10million are awarded to leading researchers who aim to prevent, diagnose, treat and defeat all types of cancer. Our mission is to fund breakthrough research projects aimed at eliminating the devastating effects of cancer, working closely together with the research community & our supporters to achieve the dream of finding a cure for the one in three of us who will be touched by cancer. Every dollar of every donation received goes to cancer research. Learn more at

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Gavin’s Supporters:
Al Reid 19 Jul 10 donation $100.00 AUD Really well done Gav, sorry for the delay not long back from the UK, great cause, inspirational!
Ferdi Lumbaca 05 Jul 10 donation $30.00 AUD Never Too Late
Stephen Byron 05 Jul 10 donation $200.00 AUD
Belinda Fleming 03 Jul 10 donation $100.00 AUD Better late than never!
Gav Zauch 02 Jul 10 donation $15.00 AUD Tear up the bitumen Gav!
Steve Shelley 30 Jun 10 donation $250.00 AUD Gav, great effort for such a great cause. There is great list of people you have inspired to do more where we can, and you have led from the front. Best wishes mate, see you on my return. Steve
Greg Shelley 30 Jun 10 donation $100.00 AUD Hey Gav, envious, and for what it is worth, proud of your dedication on prepping for this. Wish I was there with you, but would have to request that a whole bunch of nice people make a donation to the local cardiac ward. Will be thinking of you, best wishes, Greg & Sharon
Richard Walters & Graeme Waldron (AGH) 30 Jun 10 donation $100.00 AUD Goodluck Gav!!
Grahaem Duff 30 Jun 10 donation $50.00 AUD All the best Gav! It's a great cause and here's hoping you are able to lighten Mr Rutherford's wallet considerably with a brilliant time.
Sam Banks 30 Jun 10 donation $100.00 AUD Peter Maher once said "Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?" There's no doubting your committment to such a great cause mate. Run Strong!
Richard Doyle 30 Jun 10 donation $30.00 AUD Good luck from Richard -Canberra Airport
Gump 30 Jun 10 donation $150.00 AUD Run forrest run
Bert 30 Jun 10 donation $50.00 AUD Good Luck Gav, Will be thinking of you! Aloha!
David Ward 30 Jun 10 donation $50.00 AUD Good luck and well done!
Jim Woodrow 30 Jun 10 donation $50.00 AUD With you all the way, while a relax at home!
Sharon, Jono & Ava Kirkpatrick 30 Jun 10 donation $20.00 AUD
Geordie and Leisel 30 Jun 10 donation $50.00 AUD Good cause - good luck
Rebecca Kerin 29 Jun 10 donation $20.00 AUD Go Gav!!!
Carolyn & Shane 28 Jun 10 donation $25.00 AUD Well done on reaching your fundraising target. All the best for your race.
Raj 28 Jun 10 donation $100.00 AUD
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