Team: Cyclestrongman Expedition
Event: The Cycle Strongman Expedition
Event Date: 31 Dec 2009

The Cycle Strongman Expedition

My target: $42,000.00Online total: $7,885.50 AUD

One Man’s Odyssey to Cycle the Globe and Inspire Others

17 Feb 09 14:45 PM
posted by Chris Roach

It began as a dream to travel the world and grew into something extraordinary.

My name is Chris Roach, and until now I would describe myself as a simple 27 year-old Australian guy - a guy with a dream.

The Cycle Strongman Expedition is an epic eight-year journey – an unassisted, virtually emissions-free, cycle trip covering Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas, sailing across two oceans and eight seas and (if luck, health and good winds are behind me!) all the way back home again.

Throughout my journey, I am will be raising money for Oxfam Australia who, in partnership with community organizations, employ and educate local people and help them to maintain basic human rights and protect their environment.

You too can be part of this exciting journey by making a donation to Oxfam Australia!

Below are some examples of how your donation will help:

$20 Can enable a child from a poor Sri Lankan family to go to school for one month

$50 Can pay for an Indigenous granny group to pass on their cultural history and provide advice to indigenous youth.

$100 Can buy a bicycle for a volunteer carer to reach and help a greater number of villagers in Zimbabwe

$150 Can pay for a primary school teacher in Laos to attend skills training for twelve months

Please donate now!

If you feel inspired by the CSX or by the work of Oxfam Australia please help to spread the word and inspire others.


Please help support the CSX and Oxfam Australia today!

Thank you!

Chris Roach

Oxfam Australia is a Public Benevolent Institution - ABN 1 055 208 636. For more information please visit

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