Fundraiser: Jane Trumper
Event: 700 km run along the Gibb River Rd, Kimberley WA
Event Date: 22 Mar 14

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My target: $50,000.00Online total: $24,392.30 AUD
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    2,200km run through Europe, unsupported.

Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!

19 Mar 14 18:08 PM
Posted by Jane Trumper
Via Francigena
19 Mar

An unsupported trail run that takes me 2,200kms from the UK to Rome that I have wanted to do for a while. Plenty of reasons (well, 3 really… Sal, Rosie and Charlie…) why I have had to wait till now.

A 5 kg backpack (if I can get everything I need for 6 weeks into that!), 4 countries, one pair of Hoka shoes…. and around 2,200kms… on foot. Unsupported.
From Canterbury in the UK to Rome, Italy, the Via Francigina is an historic Pilgrim route on trails and small roads. I’ll be carrying a “Pilgrim Passport” with me t... Continue Reading →

Bear Cottage

"Where we cannot add years to life, we add life to years. But only with your help".

Bear Cottage is the only children's hospice in NSW and provide support, respite and end of life care for terminally ill children and their families. Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bear Cottage is a medically supported home away from home.

At Bear Cottage our special children find love, care, laughter, fun and support. This holistic approach is achieved through regular respite, specialised camps, end-of-life care, bereavement support and much more.

Bear Cottage is there for every child, parent, or family who needs us and they will never have to pay a cent. But there is a cost. It's currently costs more then $2.3 million a year to keep our doors open and this is raised entirely through the generosity of people like you.

Thank you for helping us to provide a little happiness today.

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Jane’s Supporters:
Jen Tedesco 10 Jul 14 donation $26.25 AUD Read your story on Ultra168 site and was inspired to donate - amazing run and great cause.
Elsa D 03 Jul 14 donation $52.50 AUD I cant even run to the toilet. Youre amazing
Glen and Fiona Hendry 03 Jul 14 donation $21.00 AUD Wow, amazing and inspiring. Great cause too.
Adam Neumann 02 Jul 14 donation $21.00 AUD Well done Jane, your run is a huge inspiration!
Garry and Angela Schaffer 02 Jul 14 donation $50.00 AUD Congrats Jane on running to see the Pope!
Alex and Jamie Creer 30 Jun 14 donation $105.00 AUD 2000km , no real injuries and still smiling! Amazing little Pilgrim!!!
Kevin Martin 27 Jun 14 donation $60.00 AUD Hi Jane, just passing on Kevin's support for your wonderful effort - I have his details. Stu
Greg Finlay 27 Jun 14 donation $85.05 AUD You are a legend Jane. Well done. Great cause.
Sue Armston 27 Jun 14 donation $52.50 AUD Awesome work Jane!!!
Jane Sturzaker 27 Jun 14 donation $105.00 AUD Well done Jane, what an adventure.
Tony and Mindy 27 Jun 14 donation $105.00 AUD Well done Janie xxx
Tracy & Mike Tresidder 26 Jun 14 donation $105.00 AUD You are an amazing woman doing an amazing job for this amazing charity - good on ya!
Stacey Leaver 26 Jun 14 donation $105.00 AUD Here's to philanthropy and supporting those who need a hand. Hope you reach your goal Jane xo
Tesso 26 Jun 14 donation $20.00 AUD Legend :)
Merry Hughes 26 Jun 14 donation $31.50 AUD So amazing and so glad you made it home safely xx
Clare & Karl 26 Jun 14 donation $31.50 AUD Good on you Janie xx
SJM 26 Jun 14 donation $21.00 AUD LYG xx
Kate Royson 26 Jun 14 donation $26.25 AUD Amazing way to see the world
Rod Cutler 26 Jun 14 donation $52.50 AUD Top work Jane. Great journey, Great cause
Paul Bruning 25 Jun 14 donation $100.00 AUD Well Done Jane