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Event: Kids with Cancer Hero
Event Date: 15 Sep 2012

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Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!

17 Feb 12 11:20 AM
Posted by Michael Sankey
With every New Year comes a new challenge. The promise of New Year’s resolutions and personal goals I’m sure has made most of our lists again. This year is no different for the NSW management team, however the end goal not only provides achievements for us as individuals, but also gives something back to the those less fortunate than most.

Therefore it gives us great pleasure to announce that the inaugural Mission Slimpossible NSW Charity event will take place in 2012.

Collectively as a management team we will be competing in the an... Continue Reading →

Kids with Cancer Hero for Kids with Cancer Foundation

‘Kids with Cancer Foundation’ is an independent non profit Public Benevolent Institution. Our funds go to help the youngest sufferers of childhood cancer from newborn babies to young teens. We provide direct financial assistance to families with household bills, accommodation and flights etc. Funds are also provided to children’s hospitals for vital equipment along with salaries for: research, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers etc. and capital works to build new or modernize existing oncology day wards.

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Keiran Buckley $275.30 AUD
Andrew Cowan $330.00 AUD
Tyron Mc Farlane $1,675.00 AUD
Tim Mc Kay $531.00 AUD
Michael Sankey $690.00 AUD
Ben Sommer $365.00 AUD
Bill Varga $1,075.00 AUD
Please note: The above totals show the amounts dedicated to individual team members. $1,711.60 AUD has been dedicated directly to the team.
Mission Slimpossible’s Supporters:
19 Sep 12 donation $902.90 AUD
Dougie 28 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD Good Work Cliffy!
25 Aug 12 donation $50.00 AUD Good luck boys
24 Aug 12 donation $2.30 AUD
24 Aug 12 donation $1.00 AUD Your buying the Beers....
24 Aug 12 donation $1.00 AUD Almost Their....
24 Aug 12 donation $1.00 AUD Go You Good Thing....
Carmelo the italian stallion 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD New DADDY!
Carmelo the italian stallion 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD My middle BOSS enjoy the beer at the end!
Carmelo the italian stallion 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD Little BOSS make sure you run it!
Carmelo the italian stallion 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD BIG BOSS KNOCK THEM DEAD!
Carmelo the italian stallion 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD Ty thanks for the email buddy
Sharon 24 Aug 12 donation $50.00 AUD Thanks all for your good work!
24 Aug 12 donation $5.00 AUD
Cougs 24 Aug 12 donation $30.00 AUD Good Luck Bill, enjoy the beer at the end
24 Aug 12 donation $50.00 AUD Good luck x
Danielle Lowe 24 Aug 12 donation $10.00 AUD Best Manager in the Building by Far!!!!
Paul, Jarrad & Anton & Daniel 24 Aug 12 donation $35.00 AUD Personnel & Contracts Managers
chunky (daniel williams) 24 Aug 12 donation $20.00 AUD i will help you out buddy all the best and dont pull a hemi
Matt M 24 Aug 12 donation $5.00 AUD Go Boys!!!
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