Team: Cyclestrongman Expedition
Event: The Cycle Strongman Expedition
Event Date: 31 Dec 2009

The Cycle Strongman Expedition

My target: $42,000.00Online total: $7,885.50 AUD
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    Kathamandu, Nepal

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    In the Heat

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    In the Cold

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    Through the Desert

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    Through China

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    Kids in Bhutan

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    On the Road

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    Through Tibet

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    On Display

One Man’s Odyssey to Cycle the Globe and Inspire Others

17 Feb 09 14:45 PM
Posted by Chris Roach
It began as a dream to travel the world and grew into something extraordinary.

My name is Chris Roach, and until now I would describe myself as a simple 27 year-old Australian guy - a guy with a dream.

The Cycle Strongman Expedition is an epic eight-year journey – an unassisted, virtually emissions-free, cycle trip covering Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas, sailing across two oceans and eight seas and (if luck, health and good winds are behind me!) all the way back home again.

Throughout my journey,... Continue Reading →

The Cycle Strongman Expedition for Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia works to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world. We are currently responding to emergencies, campaigning for lasting change and empowering communities to work their way out of poverty in more than 29 countries. Oxfam works to improve the lives of thousands of people through increased income, better crops, more food, cleaner water, greater access to health care and education, and increased power to speak up on important issues.

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Chris Roach $4,708.50 AUD
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Cyclestrongman Expedition’s Supporters:
Tony and Bridie 30 Nov 13 donation $200.00 AUD Home is where the heart is
Will 09 Sep 13 donation $1,000.00 AUD Great Journey, great courage
28 Jul 13 donation $10.00 AUD Saw link on traveling two and watched video
Martin Pack 09 Jul 13 donation $30.00 AUD well done mate, Proud of you
Petrina 26 Jun 13 donation $50.00 AUD So sad I won't make the Sydney talk, best of luck pal x
28 Jan 13 donation $50.00 AUD
Catherine 25 Jan 13 donation $100.00 AUD Congratulations Chris. Sorry I couldn't make it to your presentation at the Commons
25 Jan 13 donation $100.00 AUD Well done and good luck for the future..."It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop"
Turtle 25 Jan 13 donation $100.00 AUD About time i got around to it mate. Better late than never
Alistair 22 Dec 12 donation $100.00 AUD Merry Christmas and nice work!
Friends in Krisitansand 29 Oct 12 donation $144.50 AUD Money raised from Presentation in Norway
Pancake house Karise, Denmark 20 Aug 12 donation $50.00 AUD Aside from not eating meat, money is the best to help.
Tara 08 Jul 12 donation $30.00 AUD Keep it up Chris!!! Supporting you wherever the journey takes you
Mahesh 04 May 12 donation $50.00 AUD What you are doing is beyond unbelievable. You must have some heart to keep at it. Keep going Roachy!
Batesy 04 May 12 donation $50.00 AUD Keep it up Roachy, I'll try and spread the word
Helene 03 May 12 donation $5.00 AUD Great meeting you in Budapest!
Mirja 03 May 12 donation $6.00 AUD Way to go Chris!
The Rinder Family 03 May 12 donation $58.00 AUD Thanks to the Rinder Family Romania!
Phil & Susan Mcdonald AllTrails Bicycle Tours Melbourne 01 Mar 12 donation $50.00 AUD What a magnificent effort, well doneCycle Strongman. Phil & Susan McDonald AllTrails Bicycle Tours Melbourne
Salman 15 Dec 11 donation $10.00 AUD Hi Chris, I sure you will be suceed!
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