Fundraiser: The Team - Heads in the Clouds Wheels on the Ground
Event: Heads In The Clouds Wheels On The Ground
Event Date: 01 Aug 2013 - 31 Dec 2013

Heads In The Clouds Wheels On The Ground

My target: $20,000.00Total raised: $21,618.90 AUD
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Our Team Mission:

14 Jan 13 17:10 PM
Posted by The Team - Heads in the Clouds Wheels on the Ground
Chris Ryan and Jimmy Leahey-Butler are preparing for their motorbike trip from the northernmost tip of the Americas, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska within the arctic circle where they will witness the true spirit of the north as they challenge the vast mountain ranges, and the Dalton highway (as seen in the tv series “ice road truckers”) through to Ushuaia; the southernmost tip of south America. If they and their bikes are still in one piece after crossing the mountain passes, deserts, border crossings, rainforests, the world’s most dangerous road and ... Continue Reading →

Heads In The Clouds Wheels On The Ground for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the largest dedicated fundraiser for brain cancer research in Australia. Our mission is to increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.

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The Team -’s Supporters:
Joe and Christine Roos 02 Feb 14 donation $200.00 AUD Well done boys!
Poko:) 20 Jan 14 donation $50.00 AUD
Gladstone Sunrise Rotary 13 Oct 13 donation $784.95 AUD profit from fundraising breakfast
Mum and Mark 03 Oct 13 donation $100.00 AUD Live learn and enjoy
Anne and Bruce Dunkley 03 Oct 13 donation $200.00 AUD well done men, ride on
21 Sep 13 donation $100.00 AUD Chris & Michelle (Coyote Cals, Erindera, Mexico)
21 Sep 13 donation $20.00 AUD Ned Shanks
Gladstone Sunrise Rotary 20 Sep 13 donation $1,000.00 AUD travel safe and keep the blogs coming
Henningham family 18 Sep 13 donation $500.00 AUD Wishing you all the best for a good cause and a great adventure.
26 Aug 13 donation $10.00 AUD Wow guys, go well..
Archie 23 Aug 13 donation $100.00 AUD Hope you reach your goal. Good lads.
Brak 23 Aug 13 donation $50.00 AUD Best of luck Jimmy n Peeps! Awesome journey for a great cause. Love the video!
Mia 21 Aug 13 donation $50.00 AUD Happy trails on your GREAT adventure for a GREAT cause!
Evelyn, Niamh and Nigel 16 Aug 13 donation $500.00 AUD Great adventure, great cause. Go well!
Neil Schirmer 14 Aug 13 donation $50.00 AUD Well done guys, living the dream and all for a worthwhile cause! Good luck and keep the shiny side up.
Peter Chivers 12 Aug 13 donation $100.00 AUD Well done, You Guys. Chris, I was lucky enough to hear your Dad tell many tales in our book discussion group. You've clearly picked up his story-telling skills! (And touches of Peyton's humour too, Jimmy!)
Jane 09 Aug 13 donation $100.00 AUD Great cause and well done!
08 Aug 13 donation $50.00 AUD inspiring, thanks boys
Karen and Shawn Everitt 31 Jul 13 donation $30.00 AUD Good on you, enjoy the trip
B.Greig 29 Jul 13 donation $50.00 AUD Haven’t seen you boys since the Marist days. This is a great cause and initiative. The ability to turn this dream into a reality is remarkable. Enjoy the journey.
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