No young person should find themselves sleeping on the streets – cold, hungry and unsafe with no one to turn to and nowhere to go. To give at-risk young people the best possible chance of creating a new future they deserve, we need your help today.

The work we do at Brisbane Youth Service is not always easy.

The tragic fact is 4,454 young people aged 12-25 years, like Kelsha, are facing homelessness in Queensland every night.

We have been supporting homeless and disadvantaged young people for over 40 years, and are constantly striving to build our capacity so we can meet the demand for our services which has, sadly, been growing over that time.

During the five years between 2011 to 2016, the homelessness rate in Brisbane’s inner city rose by 68%.

Kelsha's Story

"In January 2017 while on the streets in Brisbane I met another young person and he linked me into Brisbane Youth Service. At the time I wasn’t well, physically and mentally. Brisbane Youth Service has supported me with my mental health, housing, physical health, harm reduction, education and so many other things since that time.

They gave me a chance in Windsor House*, I stayed there for around two months and I loved it.

It felt like I had a home again and this feeling I hadn’t felt in such a long time – it felt so good.

I had somewhere to go, I had food to eat, a shower and a bed which was for me.

After a short time at Windsor House I made amazing friends and wanted to start sorting my education. Brisbane Youth Service helped me enrol into school and since then I have been going well.

I have come a long way since the beginning of last year. I have secured a one-bedroom apartment and I am working on becoming fully independent. I am determined to stay focused on my goals and completing my education which will lead me into creating a stable, strong career for myself."

*Windsor House is a Brisbane Youth Service immediate/crisis response program providing accommodation and intensive case management for young people unable to remain at home.

Brisbane Youth Service takes a holistic approach when we work with young people – dealing with a multitude of issues which might be troubling them. These often include:

  • homelessness
  • experiences of violence, assault or abuse
  • financial, legal or relationship problems
  • medical, psychological and substance use issues 

Each individual’s challenges are unique and complex. We help young people, like Kelsha, to identify and achieve their goals, and access necessary services, information and resources which might be helpful to them.

You can help to empower more young people, just like Kelsha, as they work to get back on their feet, moving forward in their journey towards a better, brighter future. 

  • $45 provides essential medicines during the winter flu season
  • $90 provides a young person with a safe place to stay for a night
  • $500 supports a young person to gain employment 
  • $1,000 provides resources to re-engage a young person with school
  • $3,000 provides furniture and basics for creating a home 
  • $5,000 provides 50 young people with peer activities to reduce isolation

It’s almost tax time! Make your tax-deductible donation before 30 June to reduce your taxable income while helping to change the lives of vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness.

Brisbane Youth Service EOFY Tax Appeal

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