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Whale Shark Research on the Great Barrier Reef

Join us in Far North Queensland in the fight to find out why the world's largest fish and most iconic mega fauna, the Whale Shark, has recently been placed on the UNISC world's endangered species list.

Unprecedented gatherings of juvenile Whale Sharks are gathering off the Great Barrier Reefs off Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville and Mackay and researchers want to find out why.

Studying these magnificent animals will pave the road to preserving their endangered numbers and one of the planets largest and most vulnerable eco system; the Great Barrier Reef.

It is believed where and why Whale Sharks are visiting the Great Barrier Reef can provide essential information regarding the health of our national treasure.

'RUN for the REEF' and make a difference to the survival of the world's most iconic mega fish and the world it lives in.


The Amazing Research Team

With the help of Emmy Award winning cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick, JCU’s Dr Adam Barnett and the Biopixel Research team, they have been able to document findings from RUN for the REEF research and share it with the world.

Click on the below map link to view all reported Whale Shark & Manta Ray sightings plotted on the Queensland coastline map.

Check out the video in the side bar of researchers tagging the first Manta Ray at Arlington Reef in the Great Barrier Reef back in November 2017.


What is the JCU Run for the Great Barrier Reef Research Fund?

The landmark Research Fund was established to fund a new era of dynamic frontline research projects to protect tomorrow's Great Barrier Reef.

The Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival and James Cook University in a historic agreement created the Fund with the intention to mobilise the world’s running community to RUN for the REEF.

Join the revolution and ask your friends and family to help you RUN for the REEF.

Where does the money I raise go?

The Run for the GBR Research Fund is committed for the next three years to the preservation of the worlds Whale Shark numbers by finding out more about the unique gatherings here in the Great Barrier Reef.

RUN for the REEF and James Cook University are committed to finding out more about these unprecedented gatherings of juvenile Whale Sharks. The funds you raise go directly to the research team to:

  1. Find out why the juveniles are gathering on the Great Barrier Reef;

  2. Find out if the Great Barrier Reef is an important habitat in the global distribution of Whale Sharks – and if so, how can this benefit conservation of the species globally;

  3. Bring about worldwide recognition of the Great Barrier Reef as an internationally recognised Whale Shark sanctuary.

What do I do?

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Photos by: Christian Miller

James Cook University

Ranked among the top 2% of universities in the world, James Cook University is focused on creating a brighter future for life in the tropics worldwide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference. With campuses located adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef in north Queensland, JCU is a global leader in marine biology and coral reef research.

The Tropics is our place: the vast geographic area that Aristotle called the Torrid Zone. Our three tropical campuses are extended by remote study centres and research stations.

We are all connected at some point with the Great Barrier Reef. It is a Natural Wonder of the World and our own national treasure and with your help we can preserve it in our time for generations to come.

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