Take the 65 Roses Challenge this May

Support CFCC by "Taking the 65 Roses Challenge" and help save lives!

Create a fundraising challenge themed around the number 65.

You could:

  • Cut off 65cm or 6.5 inches of hair
  • Give up alcohol or quit social media for 65 days
  • Go without speaking for 65 hours
  • Drink 65 litres of water
  • Bake, decorate and sell 65 cupcakes
  • Donate $6.50 or 65 cents for every goal scored by your local sporting club
  • Participant in 65 minutes of exercise every day
  • Get 65 rose tattoos
  • Wear 65 different outfits in one month
  • Take 65 selfies with 65 different people
  • Host a dinner for 65 family and friends and charge them $65 to attend
  • Slide down 65 different slides
  • Educate 65 people who have never heard of CF
  • Set up a tag team to run for 6.5 hours straight on a treadmill
  • Skydive with a free fall for 65 seconds
  • Raise $650 by asking 65 people to donate
The possibilites are endless!

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care (CFCC) is the peak community not-for-profit working with and for people living with cystic fibrosis (CF) across the NSW and VIC. Our mission is ‘Lives unaffected by CF’ and we assist everyone affected by CF to live fuller, healthier lives. We provide information, support and specific programs and services to people living with CF. We advocate for the entire CF community and seek to raise much needed awareness of this debilitating condition. 80% of our income relies on fundraising.

15 heroes fundraising today.

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