Have you got a wedding, birthday, bar or bat mitzvah approaching? You could use this special occassion to give the gift of education to a child in Australia. It will also help to spread the word about Ardoch's great work!

Click 'Start Fundraising' to create your own In Celebration fundraising page and share it with your family and friends. 

Giving makes us feel happy. Share in the happiness with your friends and family as you all make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children around Australia, allowing every child’s potential to be realised through full participation in education.

In 2018, Ardoch partnered with 105 primary schools, secondary schools and early learning centres, mobilised 1,718 volunteers and supported the education of 15,385 children and young people living in disadvantaged communities around Australia. Please help us make an even more significant impact in 2019.

Ardoch Limited

Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities.

We partner with schools and early years services to deliver tailored education support programs that aim to increase engagement in education, build aspirations, enhance learning outcomes and increase the confidence of children and young people living in disadvantaged communities. We mobilise community and workplace volunteers to support schools and early childhood services. We also advocate for and seek to influence policy change to reduce inequity in education.

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