Everyday Hero gives you the ability to create your own online fundraising page and gather donations for CoralWatch. In just minutes you can create your own page and start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues, asking them to make a donation and make a difference to a cause you believe in. 

CoralWatch is a not-for-profit citizen science project based at the Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland. Funds raised will help CoralWatch continue to spread awareness and educate communities about the need to protect our coral reefs both in Australia and worldwide. 

Thank you and good luck!


Feel free to contact us if you need any help in setting up your fund raising page. 

Please visit our website www.coralwatch.org

Email: info@coralwatch.org

Phone: 07 3365 3127

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) The University of Queensland

The Queensland Brain Institute’s mission is to unlock the mysteries of the brain to understand and treat diseases, improve learning and memory, and inspire technology. QBI is working towards improving the lives of those living with dementia, motor neurone disease, schizophrenia, neurodegenerative disorders and more.
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