Mates4Mates offers a life-enhancing experience through the Equine Therapy Program, which challenges participants to break down their physical and emotional barriers by connecting with horses. 

The Equine Therapy Program is one of the most successful programs Mates4Mates offers and it has a very positive influence on our wounded, injured and ill Mates.

This hands-on form of therapy teaches Mates basic horsemanship and riding skills. While Mates learn to work with their horses, they rebuild trust, grow in confidence, learn patience and develop important social skills. Equine therapy allows Mates to break through the barriers that prevent them from fully participating in the community. 


Your generous donation will help these participants pay it forward so other Mates can benefit from the rehabilitation of this rewarding program. 

Thank you for making a positive difference to the lives of our Mates and their families today and into the future.


Mates4Mates supports current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members (and their families) who are wounded, injured or ill as a result of their service for our country.

Mates4Mates does not receive government funding, and relies on your support to make a positive difference to the lives of injured Defence Force Mates.

Mates4Mates provides:
- Physical Rehabilitation and Wellbeing services
- Psychological services
- Employment and Education Support Services
- Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges
- Social Connection Activities

For more information on our services or to help or to support our Mates, visit or call 1300 462 837.
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$15 Can support a Mate's participation in a weekly BBQ, where social connections facilitate having a chat with fellow Mates and the chance to learn from guest speakers.

$52 Give a Mate a remedial massage to assist in the treament of their injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

$68 Helps to fund a trauma sensitive yoga session for Mates in one of our Family Recovery Centres.

$155 can fund a Mate's participation in a 5 week cooking class covering the basics of knife skills, setting a menu, nutritional contnet of foods and cooking on a budget for their family in a fun and social environment.

$512 Support a Mate with career coaching session focused on CV development, career pathways and interview training.

$1014 Help provide a Mates' entire family with 10 sessions under our physical rehabilitation services, to ensure the whole family makes a long-lasting and positive change to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

$1989 Sponsor a Mate to attend a five day intensive Equine Therapy Program. This program uses horses to hlep Mates with conditioins like anxiety and depression to build trust, confidence and wellbeing.

$6250 Sponsor a Mate to face the challenge which is Kokoda. This guided adventure challenge helps build resilience and physical wellbeing for a Mate on a track etched in Australia's Military history. 

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