We all know someone being challenged by Mental Health, it could be you or the person next to you.... 1 in 4 live with a mental illness so open the conversation in the workplace by holding a morning tea or special team activity as you may never who is effected and you may never know you will help!

Why not hold a dress down Friday, morning tea or set your colleagues a challenge such as walking 10000 steps a day for a month?  By setting up your supporter page and reaching out to those around you in the workplace you are assisting us not only raise valuable funds but also ensuring the message of mental health is spread far and wide.

Thank you for your help.

Love Me Love You

Love Me Love You is a foundation committed to the prevention, intervention and control of youth mental health disorders and substance abuse. Through awareness, education and management programs Love Me Love You aims to empower youths to build a culture and community around them, which helps them strive to reach their potential in life.
Love Me Love You is based on the lived experience of founder Lance Picioane, who has also relied on the strength and support of family, friends and colleagues to beat the silent killer that is Mental Illness.
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