Aussie Barbie – Raise funds to support medical research in Western Australia by inviting your friends and family around for a barbeque.  You could ask for a minimum donation at the door, organise a raffle or plan some fun activities throughout the day to raise funds.  

Bingo – Everyone loves Bingo!  Organise a game of Bingo and ask players to make a donation- and the winner then gets a portion of the proceeds!

Cycle – 200km over two days.  Join hundreds of cyclists and raise vital funds with the MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Dress down day – Have your office, group or workplace dress down (or dress up!) and pay a small donation for the treat. 

Ebay – Much like a garage sale -  use Ebay to auction off pre-loved or unused items.  Declutter the house and raise money for a good cause at the same time! 

Film night– Donate the cost of a trip to the cinema and enjoy movies, popcorn and a relaxing night with friends.

Golf day – Golf Days are great fun and can draw major funds for your cause. Ask for an entry fee, organise a raffle and, if you can, have a sponsor for each of the 18 holes.

Hour of pay – Donate one hour of your pay and perhaps your colleagues will do the same! Be sure to remind them their hard earned money is helping to support medical research into the major diseases that too often take away our loved ones.

In lieu – If you have a special occasion coming up, ask your friends and family to make a donation in lieu of a gift.  We have seen generous supporters raise thousands of dollars through donations in lieu of birthday, Christmas and even wedding gifts.

Jumble sale – As they say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’! Organise a time and place for friends, family and colleagues to sell their unused items - and donate a portion of the proceeds.

Karaoke competition – For some guaranteed laughs, host a Karaoke night for an entry fee and get everyone together to belt out some tunes!.

Luncheon – Why not hold a ticketed luncheon or dinner event and perhaps include a raffle or quiz to raise extra funds. 

Morning tea – Host a morning tea and ask friends, family or colleagues to donate the cost of a tea or coffee and cake whilst enjoying a relaxing catch up.

Nominate a friend to do something silly or challenging in exchange for a donation. If they refuse to do it, they will have to double the donation!

Office Collection – Put a tin on your desk or bake some yummy cakes in exchange for donations.

Physical challenge – Do you think you can take on the famous Iron Man Challenge, Tough Mudder or even the legendary Rottnest Swim?

Quiz night– Get your friends together and organise a quiz night. You can find lots of quizzes ready to print with a simple online search.

Running challenge – From a fun run to a marathon, there are hundreds of running challenges across Western Australia (and the globe!) that you can participate in to raise funds. See the calander of events below.

Skydive – The sky really is the limit with your fundraising activity.  Will your friends and family sponsor you to face your fears and skydive for a good cause? 

Trail walking – Western Australia boasts a wealth of beautiful walking trails for all capabilities.  You could attempt the Cape to Cape walk or tackle a section of the Bibbulmun track. Ask those around you to sponsor your efforts as you walk for a cause.

(Down) Under day – Don your favourite thongs, throw a few shrimp on the barbie and invite friends and family to celebrate all things Australian!!

Violation penalty – Set a rule in your office or workplace. Whenever somebody violates this they have to put a gold coin in the box!

Walk for Womens Cancer – Join us and raise vital funds for womens cancer with a 30km or 42km walk through Perth.  Take part in the Hawaiian Walk for Women's cancer.

Xmas - The festive season is a great time for fundraising and the possibilities are endless.  From selling your yummy baked goods to hosting a party or organising a raffle – people embrace the spirit of giving at Christmas more than ever.

Year to give! Set a target to attempt alone or with friends to raise a specified amount within the year e.g. $2016 in 2016.

Zero! Think you can’t live without your car, morning coffee or that glass of wine on the weekend? Give it up for a month (or longer!) and ask your friends and family to sponsor you along the way.

Climb to Conquer Cancer

Climb to Conquer Cancer

Who? The Aussie Alps Ascent team 

Amount Raised? Almost $10,000 (so far)

In late 2015 three local Western Australian Women set out to raise funds for Cancer research at the Perkins.  

The team took on the huge challenge of a 10 day Trek of Mt Blanc, one of Europe's tallest Alps.

Julie Paul, the team founder, said "We have decided to make a difference by creating a fundraising  team for Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. As part of this challenge is a 10 day Trek which will test us physically and mentally."

"Our hope is to raise over $2000 each with the support of familly, friends and the wider community."

The team will begin their trek in September 2016.



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