Get The Word Out (GTWO) is Bible Society Australia’s year-long focus on providing and engaging one nation with the Bible. Each year we ask church and community groups like yours to share in this mission by fundraising for that nation across the year. 

Your partnership has helped us Get The Word Out to multiple nations – Rwanda, Lebanon, China and South Africa, to name a few. The impact is seen in changed lives, like that of Charles Sadiki who was set free on the inside while still behind prison walls. And like Heap Sokhy and husband Pol who say their marriage went from turbulent to peaceful after learning “wisdom for our family”. 

We’re asking you to do it again in 2017: help us flood a nation with Scripture and bring change to precious lives. This year, our focus is once again on the mission at home.

Some Ideas

  • Have a BBQ for Bibles. Throw another shrimp on the BBQ...or just a few steaks!
  • Host a Trivia Night for Bibles and quiz your friends and family on some Australian facts! 
  • Run a Marathon for Bibles. If the 42km distance is a bit too much consider having a relay in your church community to tally up the total.
  • Simply Give Up Coffee for Bibles within your small group. For example, put aside $3/day for the month of May and donate the total saved at the end of the month. One for the brave! 
  • Anything else you can dream of! 
If you want to discuss your idea please contact Mark on (02) 9870 5655 or email 


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Bible Society Australia (Non Tax Deductible)

The goal of Bible Society Australia is the same one that Bible Societies around the world have been pursuing for some 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible.

In 2017, GTWO to Australia highlights three areas of the mission at home.

We want to share the Scripture: 

  • In public schools. 
  • Among Indigenous communities.
  • In hospitals, prisons, and everywhere that chaplains minister to those in need.  

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