My name is Leopold and I have been at the RSPCA ACT since the beginning of May 2016. 


I have been in this kennel for an awfully long time. I do get to go for walks, and enjoy some great food, but I haven’t yet found my furever family.

I was brought into the care of RSPCA ACT by the Inspectors, I was really thin and my life before wasn’t great. I have gained weight since being at the Weston Creek shelter, and I’ve been told I’m in great shape now!

I love scratches, pats, cuddles, and will be extremely loyal to my future family! I also enjoy a great feed, but the shelter life, it’s just not for me. I’ve watched fellow dogs and puppies come and go, and yet I am still overlooked. I know all about these kennels, the daily routine and the friendly staff I see every day.

But I do wonder what life would be like beyond these walls. I would love a relaxed and settled home with a comfy bed. I haven’t really learnt how to use toys in my life, but I’d be extremely willing to learn, especially if there is a treat involved!

I am the dog that has been at RSPCA ACT the longest. By fundraising for In The Dog House, you can experience what a snapshot of life is like living behind the fences and high walls. In turn, you are raising much needed funds for animals like me who cost $25 a day to stay at RSPCA ACT while we wait to find our new homes.

I have been here for over 260 days which has cost this shelter $6,500.

Your fundraising also helps with our veterinary treatment, our behaviour assessments and our daily enrichment.

So, do you want to trade places with me for a few hours to be In The Dog House? 

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