Introducing our wonderful In the Dog House Ambassadors for 2017!

What is an ambassador for In the Dog House?

The idea behind the event is to bring awareness to the lives shelter dogs and the importance of adopting from a shelter. All the funds raised from your efforts will go towards caring for the animals currently without a home at the Weston shelter. Ambassadors help promote the event with a requirement of a minimum of 1 hour in the Dog House on the day.

The goals of the event are to:

1. Raise much needed funds to assist in running our services for the Canberra community such
as veterinary treatment for animals in care, rehoming abandoned animals and animal
welfare enforcement, legal proceedings and seizures of animals who have been treated

2. Raise awareness of the conditions that face unwanted, abandoned and seized animals by
putting people like you in their shoes. The purpose of this is to try and reduce the time that
animals need to spend at our shelter which can be a distressing experience and impacts their
mental and physical health the longer they spend in the Shelter. 

 ... More to follow!

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