Giving In Celebration

Celebrating a milestone birthday? Getting married? 

Want to give back to the community?

Make your upcoming celebration all the more special by choosing the Monash Children’s Hospital as the beneficiary of donations in lieu of gifts.

Every day the Monash Children’s Hospital changes lives. From our leading Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to being Victoria’s only provider of lifesaving foetal surgery, the Monash Children’s Hospital is providing an essential service for our community.

Has the Monash Children's Hospital changed your life or the life of a family member? Ask your family and friends to donate to the Monash Children’s Hospital so we can turn that gift into better health care for our children!

We will send you our In Celebration donation envelopes to include with your invitations. To make collecting donations even easier, the Monash Health Foundation has partnered with Everyday Hero so that you can create a personalised page to share with your family and friends. It’s free, easy to build and easy to share, simply click create a celebration.

Once you have created your page, share the link with family and friends to collect online donations. Each donation is recorded and receipted and your donors can even leave you a personal message.

Any questions? Contact the Monash Health Foundation on (03) 9594 2700 or email

Monash Children's Hospital

We care for more than 100,000 children every year.

Monash Children’s Hospital is part of Monash Health, Victoria’s largest healthcare service and one of only four accredited Academic Health Science Centres in Australia.

The Monash Health Foundation is committed to supporting the wonderful work of all Monash Health hospitals and services, including the Monash Children’s Hospital.

You can support the Monash Children's Hospital patients and their families by donating or fundraising, through the Monash Health Foundation today.

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