About this adventure

In 1942, the Kokoda Track area was the scene of one of the most significant battles in Australian history. Today, walking the track has become a pilgrimage for many Australians, and those honouring the ANZAC spirit. The area is still largely untouched; many of the trenches still exist today, along with remnants of rusted ordnance, in stark contrast to the lush surrounding nature. 

One of the world’s greatest treks, the Kokoda Track links the south and north coast of Papua New Guinea across 96 kilometres of rugged mountain terrain, tropical rainforest and unspoiled villages.

As part of this incredible adventure, participants will be following in the footsteps of the brave Australian soldiers who faced gruelling and uncertain conditions. The trek is unlike any other, it is both physically challenging and emotionally confronting. There’s no better way to truly appreciate the bravery and resilience of our veterans than to experience it first-hand.

Not for the faint-hearted, this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Best of all, every step taken will help Legacy achieve its mission to provide support to the families of those who have given their life or health in service of our nation.

What will my impact be?

The funds raised for Legacy on this inspiring adventure will be used to support a wide range of programs within Legacy, including leadership development of Junior Legatees.

Legacy services also provide widows and families with social and financial support including; counseling, informed referral to welfare and other support providers, mentoring programs for young children, excursions and outings for children and dependents with a disability, social and recreational activities as well as assistance for the education of Legacy children.

Legacy Australia Incorporated

Legacy is a voluntary organisation providing services to around 65,000 widows/families and 1,800 dependants with an immediate family member who has died or given their health in the line of duty. We stand ready to protect the families of thousands of Australian Defence Force men and women on operations, at home and around the globe.

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