We know that you consider your fur-baby a true member of your family. Whether you have a dog or a cat, they’re man’s best friend, and we’re sure you couldn’t imagine life without them!

So why not celebrate the day you adopted your beloved pet like any other special occasion? Spoil them for their Adoptaversary! You can show your pet the love by throwing them a cute party celebrating the day they were adopted.

Become an Everyday Hero and dedicate your furry friend’s Adoptaversary to raising funds for RSPCA NSW. Simply register, ask your friends and family to donate, and the money you raise will go towards supporting our vital work helping animals in need.

The funds you raise will enable us to keep providing shelter, rehabilitation and rehoming services for the animals in our care that are still awaiting their forever homes. So start fundraising today.


Every year, with your support, RSPCA NSW cares for and protects NSW’s neglected, abused, injured and stray animals. Last year, a staggering 33,535 animals turned to the charity for assistance protection and care.

We couldn’t be there for animals without the generous support of people like you. Less than 1% of our operating costs are covered by the NSW Government. Each year, we must raise over $47M to keep 32 Inspectors on the road saving lives, maintain 10 shelters providing safety and care and manage four vet hospitals mending broken bones and hearts. Your commitment to the cause is vital to sustaining our services 365 days a year.

Because of the generosity of people like you, we’re able to fund an education team that visits schools, universities and community groups to teach the importance of treating all living things with kindness. Your donations also fund a suite of programs that help the most disadvantaged people in the community. These programs offer safe beds to pets of domestic violence victims, support for pets of elderly and desexing programs in rural and indigenous areas.

Thank you for making the RSPCA NSW your charity of choice.

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