A diagnosis of breast cancer comes as a huge shock to anyone. There are desperate questions demanding immediate answers. When single mum Rachel discovered a lump in her breast she immediately knew it was bad... and it was. Rachel was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat breast cancers.

Rachel was just given the cold hard facts. ‘This is serious. This tumour is doubling in size every week, but we can’t fit you in for surgery for three months.’ She was terrified and she was on her own.

As a single mother of a teenage daughter, with no other family to call on for help, Rachel had no idea how she was going to cope. Determined to tough it out Rachel just kept working, barely taking a day off between surgery and chemo sessions.

“I was so determined to be strong! When I had surgery I was back at work within a day or so. During chemo I’d just take a day away from the office and continue working on my mobile. When my hair started to fall out I went out in my lunch hour had my hair cut to 1cm all over and went back to work wearing a wig! The best luck I had was discovering Breast Cancer Care WA,” she says.

Thankfully, Rachel found us, and because of the vital donations we receive from caring people, we were able to assess her unique needs and provide the support she and her daughter desperately needed. Even super women need some help sometimes.

• When Rachel was dealing with the very business of staying alive and was unable to work, donations relieved some of the burden by paying a power bill and a council rates payment.
• Our breast care nurse Heather connected Rachel with a counselling service to help her teenage daughter get through some of her own life threatening struggles.
• We also equipped Rachel with tools to deal with her own anxiety caused by the fear of cancer returning, and connected her with a support network of other courageous women dealing with the same challenges.

Right now there are hundreds of women in WA like Rachel struggling financially and emotionally who need help. Will you be there for them?

Breast Cancer Care WA

Breast Cancer Care WA is a WA charity that provides personalised emotional, practical and financial support to people affected by breast cancer. This includes carers and family, who have their own challenges and needs through the experience.



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