Cherish the memory of a loved one with a remembrance donation to The Shepherd Centre and help children who are deaf and hearing impaired learn how to listen and speak for generations to come.

A memoriam donation is a beautiful way to acknowledge the passing of a family member, colleague, friend or pet. Many people set up an In Memory page in tribute of a passing loved one, while asking for donations to be made to their favourite charity in lieu of giving flowers.

The Shepherd Centre - Giving deaf children a voice

The Shepherd Centre has been helping children who are deaf or have a hearing loss to learn how to listen and speak for 40 years. Founded in 1970 with just five families, The Shepherd Centre now helps over 400 families in our five centres across NSW and the ACT, as well as regional and remote areas in NSW and Tasmania via its Teleintervention program. The organisation is recognised as a leader in the field of Speech Therapy, providing assistance to parents of children who are deaf or have a hearing loss to help them develop spoken language, so that they can reach their full potential and be a fully contributing member of the community.

The Shepherd Centre has assisted over 2,000 children and their families over the last 40 years. Ninety per cent of children graduate from The Shepherd Centre and enter mainstream schooling and the vast majority have age-appropriate speech and language. Support from the community provides almost 70% of the much needed funds to provide these programs to our students. Fundraising for The Shepherd Centre will help us to continue our life-changing work.

Amelia and her mum, Jen talk about their time at The Shepherd Centre.

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