Are you prepared to climb Australia’s tallest residential building? If you can you will actively be supporting Rosie’s to continue their great work for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. On the Gold Coast approximately 2000 people find themselves in this situation every day and night. So join us to run, walk or crawl your way to the top of our tallest vantage point and know that you are helping others with every single step!

All participants in the Q1 Stair Challenge are required to make a minimum pledge (donate/fundraise) of $35 that will go directly to Rosie’s – Friends on the Street. Last year we raised a motza! Help us to smash the 2019 fundraising target of $50 000 by asking others to contribute to your climb up Australia’s tallest residential building.
Go on, get your friends together and tick this one off the bucket list – take on the Q1 Stair Challenge!

Rosies - Friends on the Street

Rosies provides unconditional acceptance and friendship to those who are marginalised within our community - especially those who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or simply lonely.

5.6 million Australians, that is one in four of us, are lonely almost all of the time or on a regular basis.

66% seek friendship as a remedy to loneliness.

Rosies 1,280 volunteers provide 220 outreaches every month 30% of which are on the Gold Coast. Our teams are ‘on the street’ 52 weeks of the year, regular as clockwork.

Whilst many organisations provide health, accommodation and other services, there remains the basic human desire for friendship and unconditional acceptance during difficult times. Our wonderful Rosies volunteers do just that, providing a community of friendship and belonging.

Over 98% of our work is funded through kind donations from our local community.

You make a difference to real people

216 heroes fundraising today.

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