AWLQ has saved the lives of over 130,000 homeless animals since 1959!

Our promise is to never euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal in our care.

Please join us on Thursday 4th April for Stray Animal Day and share our promise #PromisesMatter.  

Together, we can show that #PromisesMatter and create a brighter future for stray and abandoned animals. Stray Animal Day is THE day to take action and show compassion for stray animals. 

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For more information on why #PromisesMatter please go to or

Animal Welfare League of Qld Inc

The Animal Welfare League of Queensland operates one of the largest pet rehoming centres in South-East Queensland. They provide food, shelter, vet care and rehoming opportunities to 10,500 animals every year, as well as many volunteer and education outreach programs across South East Queensland.

9 heroes fundraising today.

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