The Sydney Skinny 2019

Challenge yourself with Charlie to celebrate courage, self acceptance and all that is good in this wonderful life. 

Join Charlie for this epic and inclusive dip that sheds pretences along with clothes - no matter your shape, size, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, financial status or physical ability.

Click Start Fundraising to set up your own online fundraising page and help us make a difference to the lives of people with brain cancer.

Charlie Teo Foundation

I founded the Charlie Teo Foundation to shake-up the way we fund brain cancer research. My determination and inspiration to find a cure for brain cancer comes from my patients. Every day they teach me extraordinary hope and courage.

Let’s do this together. We are going to get there. A world without brain cancer.

64 heroes fundraising today.

The Nude Swim that’s not about Nudity

The Sydney Skinny is about personally challenging yourself to step ever-so-slightly outside your comfort zone - that strips life back to its bare essentials, forces you to accept your real self, momentarily frees you from the stifling shackles modern society so often puts on us AND importantly encourages you to break free from your own self-imposed limitations.

Swimming nude is about being honest, fully alive and human.

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