Welcome to Luminosity Yogathon 2019

What is Luminosity
Luminosity is a vibrant, fun 2-hour yogathon to increase awareness, education and raise fund research into Endometriosis, a condition affecting 1 in 10 women in the prime of their lives! Create your own yoga event and encourage supporters to help you reach your target. Join yogis' and studios across the nation as they tune in to the live-streamed yogathon event from the 15th of September! Be a part of this fun & informative Australia-wide event and together, let’s shine a light on endometriosis.

How to get involved!
Join other yogis and studios across the nation as they host special endo-aware yogathon events in their homes, studios, parks and workplaces, to raise funds and awareness for Endometriosis. This all-inclusive event is open to all, not just those with endo, and it aims to raise awareness with a specially curated endo-aware yoga program that is suitable for all ages, and levels of ability.


The Simple Steps!

Set up your Luminosity Everyday Hero Supporter Page and set your event date anytime between Sunday 15th September and Sunday 22nd September 2019. Plan and promote your event using our Luminosity Tool Kit full of promotional posters, flyers and infographics as well as a specialty endo-aware yoga program that will be released in the lead up to the day.

Supporters can directly contribute to your very own Everyday Hero event page and you gain login details to the event when you hit your first $50 (see below). Share your page with your community and post regular updates in the lead up to your yogathon!

Be sure to have fun along the way! Together we are raising awareness to End Endo!

Gather your friends and co-entrants to downward dog in the comfort of your own home, work place, local park or community centre! Once you raise your first $50, you will gain access to our Live Streamed Event for full a week from Sunday 29th July. You will be provided with a special log in 1 week prior to launch so you can follow along with our specially curated all-inclusive endo-aware yoga program.

Host your own speciality endo-aware class by adapting an existing class or creating a one off event! Use our Tool Kit of customisable posters, flyers, info sheets to promote your event and gather inspiration from our the specially curated endo-aware yoga program that will be released in the lead up to the event. Hit your first $100 and to have your logo included as a supporter on our website and the top fundraiser will receive a shout out across our social media community of 30k strong!

For any enquires or logo submissions please contact admin@endoaustralia.org.

Endometriosis Australia Ltd

Endometriosis Australia endeavours to increase recognition of endometriosis, provide endometriosis education programs, and help fund endometriosis research.

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