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Finding the best school for a child with Language Disorder can be a daunting task. The Glenleighden School is a unique Prep to Year 12 school supporting children and young people with disability for whom language is their primary disorder.

Language Disorder is a developmental disability that affects how children think about, understand, and use language. Despite affecting 1 in 14 children, it is a relatively unknown disorder in the wider community.

Children with Language Disorder have trouble understanding and/or using language to express themselves. The disorder can range in severity, impacting each student differently. While many children with language disorder present with similar traits, their journey in learning is unique, and requires tailored support and understanding.

Glenleighden was established in 1979 and since opening its doors has supported more than 1000 students. Our school provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary programs through a combination of teaching and therapy to prepare each child for the next stage of their educational journey.

The Glenleighden School is operated by Speech & Language Development Australia (formerly CHI.L.D. - The Association for Childhood Language & Related Disorders). All funds donated via this page will be used to to support the needs of The Glenleighden School and its students.

Thank you! Together we can help children and young people find their voice.

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