We live in a world full of distractions and an insane desire to complete “to do” lists. The focus for most people is on what we want to achieve or we want to have.
But how about if you could spend a week of your life looking inward, reflecting and assessing the essence of who you are and at the same time have the opportunity to exercise the muscle of kindness and compassion.
Attendees at the i4 Live Retreat held in partnership with RAW Impact are supporting RAW projects through fundraising and working on the ground while in Cambodia assisting displaced families.

Your generosity will help them reach their fundraising goals and will have a huge impact on families living in poverty in Cambodian villages. Thanks for your support! 

RAW Impact

RAW Impact is a Global Development Group (GDG) approved development project (project J790N) in project partnership with RAW Impact Organisation, which since 2013 has been making a difference through sustainable projects in Cambodia.


3 heroes fundraising today.

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