The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is dedicated to helping find a cure for cancer through the continued support of world-class research in Australia. The ACRF is dedicated to finding a cure for this devastating disease which affects one in three Australians.

In over 30 years we have awarded $129.2 million in grants to support leading edge Australian research initiatives, ensuring our country remains at the forefront of global cancer research.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is governed by an honorary Board of Trustees and is audited annually. Cancer research grants, between $1.5 million and $10 million, are awarded each year on the basis of scientific excellence.

What makes the Australian Cancer Research Foundation different from any other cancer charity foundation?

* We raise funds exclusively for cancer research, into all its aspects; not just treatment but equally important, prevention and diagnosis for all types of cancer.

* We finance facilities not provided for by State or federal governments. Thus, the ACRF fills a vital gap in research funding in this country, receiving no government funding or assistance whatsoever.

* Every dollar of every donation received goes to cancer research: All our expenses are paid from accumulated investment revenue earned by the cancer Foundation.

* In just the last six years, donations from generous Australian and individuals and corporations have allowed this cancer Foundation to fund over $48 million in cancer research projects which will see real breakthroughs in treatment, prevention and diagnosis.

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