You’re doing something incredible by donating your hair to Variety's 'Hair with Heart', thank you!

We’re inspired by you and others like you, who go above and beyond for kids in need and their families. We reckon that your friends and family would be pretty inspired by your commitment too.

So we’d love them to have the chance to back your effort. It’s really quick to set up an online fundraising page, click the ‘Fundraise’ button on the left, and you’ll be surprised by their generosity. Or why not hold an event to celebrate your big chop? 


When we receive donations of hair, we send it to specialised wig makers who make wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition. We’re given money for the hair which goes directly back into Variety’s programs, helping Aussie kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

So more than one person will benefit from your hair donation!

Please note due to privacy and logistical limitations, we are unable to track the individual who will receive your hair.


Variety grants wigs to kids that have lost their hair due to a medical condition, for example, alopecia.

Wigs give these kids more confidence and improve their self-esteem, so they can feel themselves again.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000 and last only 1 - 2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth.


By donating your hair and fundraising, you’ll be helping kids like Hannah.

At just four years of age, Hannah started getting bald patches. At first her family tried covering the bald spots with different hairstyles but Hannah also started to lose her eyebrows, eyelashes and even more hair.

One of the most difficult things for the family was Hannah being called names or teased. It started to take a toll on her naturally outgoing personality and self-confidence.

Hannah’s family turned to Variety for support and thanks to generous donors like you, Hannah was able to receive a specially made wig. Click here to watch Hannah’s story.


As you start your adventure, begin to fundraise, and plan your brand new (somewhat shorter) hairdo, it’s important to remember the impact you will have and that we’re here, right by your side if there’s anything you need.

If you have any questions about fundraising or what happens to the hair you donate, please give us a call on 02 9819 1000 or send us an email We would love to hear from you!

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Click here to find out more about Variety or contact us on (02) 9819 1000.

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