To secure an abseiling spot, Altitude Shift participants are required to raise at least $850 each (multiplied by the number of individuals if participating as a team) excluding the compulsory registration fee of $150 per person.

Upon registration, you will be directed to create a personalised supporter page – this is your number one fundraising tool! Make it personal, compelling and inspiring. Be sure to explain your motivation in taking on this challenge and why supporting foster care and vulnerable Victorian youth is important to you.

Then simply begin your fundraising campaign by sharing the link to your page with your network of family, friends, colleagues and contacts. Let them know you have accepted the Altitude Shift abseil challenge and ask them to support you with a donation. 

Fundraising can be an easy process if you are ready and willing to give it a red hot go. The key to successful fundraising is to be creative, think big and start early. 

We encourage you to continue fundraising once you have reached the target and following your abseil. You will often find that people are willing to support you after your amazing feat of bravery, so your supporter page will remain open until Sunday, 30 June 2017 to allow time for you to round up any last minute donations.


Fundraising Ideas

Effective fundraising is all about thinking outside the box and engaging potential supporters in new and creative ways. 

We have put together a list of fundraising ideas and suggestions to spark your creativity. Take a look, make a plan and launch your fundraising campaign as soon as possible and you will soon have those $$$ mounting up to assist Victoria’s vulnerable children. 

  • Make a personal donation – get in first and donate to yourself. This not only proves your commitment but encourages others to follow suit. If you donate big chances are your subsequent donors will follow your lead.
  • Ask for donations from your network – distribute your personalised supporter page link to your network and ask for direct donations from your family, friends, colleagues and contacts. Make your ask personal and compelling to entice support, whether this is via an email or a speech during your next staff meeting.
  • Harness the power of social media – utilise Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep your social networks up to date with your fundraising efforts. Re-post official event updates and follow every post with a call to donate. If people can see how hard you are working, they will be more likely to offer their support. 
  • Dress to impress – offer to complete your abseil challenge in fancy dress. Either nominate the silliest costume you can think of or alternatively, offer your choice of attire to your highest donor. Research has shown that fancy dress fundraisers tend to raise more funds than others. Give it a shot, people love to support someone willing to make a fool of themself. 
  • Hold a fundraising BBQ – grab a volunteer and set up a fundraising BBQ. Everyone loves a sausage in bread and you can make quite a dent in your fundraising target with a well-thought out BBQ. Try holding one at your workplace or local sporting club or get in touch with your local Bunning’s to see if they have any dates available.
  • Make your message loud and clear – take every possible opportunity to remind others of your fundraising campaign. Use an email signature, put up promotional posters around your workplace or local area and email the promotional flyer to your network.
  • Seek support from your employer – see if your employer is one of the many companies that encourage staff to participate in charitable events and fundraising initiatives through dollar matching schemes. Even if your workplace does not have a formalised policy, it may be possible to secure a direct donation towards your campaign.
  • Conduct a raffle – pull together a few great prizes from your contacts or by approaching local businesses and get selling. Price your tickets reasonably and offer a package deal for additional tickets to encourage greater buy in.
  • Hold a movie screening – is there a blockbuster that you are itching to see? Chances are that others will be too, so why not organise a group to head to the flicks and charge a premium on the tickets for the privilege. You can often access discounted tickets if you are a Telstra customer or alternatively, head out on a Tuesday when tickets are always cheaper.
  • Host a fundraising party or event – Get your mates together to enjoy a social night out at a trivia function, poker challenge or general fundraiser. Charge an affordable entrance fee to generate immediate funds and encourage attendance. Then work on getting prizes donated or sponsored to increase your potential for fundraising at the event.
  • Approach local clubs, associations or businesses – seek support from local organisations for your fundraising campaign. It may be complimentary venue hire for a fundraising function, a direct financial donation, an in-kind product donation or a mail out to their database about your cause.
  • Spring clean – rummage through your junk at home and come up with items that you can sell at a car boot sale, garage sale or on ebay. Remember one person’s trash is another’s treasure.
  • Bake up a storm – pop on an apron and bake a range of yummy treats such as cakes, slices or cookies and sell them at work. People are always looking for a treat when the afternoon rolls around, so make sure your campaign is benefiting from the 3pm sugar low.
  • Run a food or beverage drive – bulk buy chocolates, snack foods or wine and hit your network to support your cause. There are many companies and websites that can provide you with product for your drive. Shop around and search for something that you will be able to sell easily.
  • Hold a girls/guys night in – invite your pals around, put on a spread and arrange some activities or entertainment. Ask each attendee to donate the amount that they would usually have spent on a night out to your worthwhile cause.
  • Organise a shopping tour – if you can pull together a group of shopping champions, this may be a great way to fundraise and enjoy a social outing at the same time. There are many companies that run shopping tours in Melbourne and seasoned shoppers will be delighted with the shopping bargains on offer during the tour. 
  • Implement a swear jar – if you know of some potty mouthed individuals, try a swear jar as a fundraiser. Let everyone know that any swearing in your presence will be fined to help you in your fundraising endeavours and then listen up.
  • Hold a casual clothes day at work – seek approval to hold a casual clothes day and encourage other employees to support your campaign by dressing casually in return for a contribution towards your fundraising target.
  • Conduct a guessing competition – grab a large jar and fill it with jelly beans or smarties and charge people to take a guess at the total number of lollies in the jar. Closest guess wins the lolly jar, while you add to your fundraising total throughout the competition.

These ideas are just a starting point. You are only limited by your imagination.  Remember, the key to successful fundraising is to think big and start early.

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