"Let’s get awesome for autism" is back in 2018 and will see thousands of people helping AEIOU to raise awareness of autism, and the benefits and successes of our evidence based program for children aged two to six years. Every child deserves access to an effective and affordable early intervention program.

Join us on Friday 1 June 2018 as thousands of people across Australia "GET AWESOME FOR AUTISM".

Register today and we will post out your "LET'S GET AWESOME FOR AUTISM" kit with "how to" guide, posters, stickers and money boxes. There are some great ideas and fundraising tips on how your workplace or school can help create a lifetime of opportunities for children with autism.

Friday 1 June 2018 is not a suitable date for you? No problem... choose an alternative date and let us know.

Did you know that 1 in 100 Australians are diagnosed with autism each and every year? For every 5 diagnoses, 4 will be boys. Autism does not discriminate. There is no known cause and there is no cure. 

Children with autism face challenges each and every day of their lives and this is your chance to help raise awareness and vitally needed funds for AEIOU centres.

Your support for one single day can change the life of a child and their family forever! 

AEIOU Foundation

AEIOU Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing best practice, full-time early intervention and learning programs, individually tailored for children diagnosed with autism. Early intervention is clinically proven to give children with autism the essential life skills for education, social interaction, inclusion and reveals their real and unique potential.

The organisation was founded in 2005 by Dr James Morton AM and his wife Louise when their young son Andrew was diagnosed with autism. They discovered a lack of effective therapy and set about to find the best outcomes. Working with other parents, the first school was opened in 2005 and now has 8 centres across Queensland and 1 in South Australia.

Autism is a lifelong disorder and is more prevalent than childhood cancer and diabetes combined – there is no cure, but our program provides positive outcomes with 70% of our children transitioning into mainstream schooling.

AEIOU's early intervention evidenced based program helps create brighter futures for children with autism and their families. Our vision is to ensure every child with autism is provided with maximum opportunities to reach their full potential.

20 heroes fundraising today.

Click on REGISTER NOW and a hero page will be created for you. We will then post out your host kit so you can arrange a totally awesome event in your workplace or school.

This is only limited by your imagination:-

  • hold a free dress day/crazy hair day/casual Friday 
  • run a raffle with an extra day of leave as a prize
  • set a personal challenge and ask friends and family to sponsor you
  • a bake off is aways a treat - why not arrange a morning tea
  • how about an "awesome outfit challenge" - dress to impress  
Think outside the box... embrace "different" and show your support by coming up with your own unique fundraising idea. People love to support anything a little bit quirky.

With 1 in 100 children receiving an autism diagnosis each and every year, the demand for our full-time intensive early intervention program is increasing. By supporting AEIOU Foundation, you are making a real difference and helping us create a lifetime of opportunities for children with autism and their families. 

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