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There are an estimated 1000 people in Australia who live with a debilitating, painful and incurable skin disorder that you may never have even heard of.  It's called EB and it causes the skin to blister and peel at the slightest touch. Most EB sufferers are children because they rarely survive into adulthood after succumbing to secondary infections such as skin cancers.  These brave kids need to be bandaged every day to protect and heal their blisters and skin wounds.

DEBRA Australia is the only non-profit organisation of its kind set up to support EB sufferers and their families, many of whom feel isolated and alone coping with this rare and devastating disease.   DEBRA is funded solely by voluntary donations like yours and is mainly volunteer-run.

Your donation will be used to fund important projects such as DEBRA's EB Nurse Program, which employs part-time EB Nurses to provide specialist care and support to those who may not usually have access to such services.

Your donation may go to fund important local and international research into a cure for EB, so that future generations will not have to endure the constant pain and debilitation of living with EB.

DEBRA Australia

DEBRA Australia is a voluntary non-government funded support group that helps individuals and their families with Epidermolysis Bullosa, more commonly known as EB. An EB person has skin that is as fragile as butterflies’ wings so they are affectionately known as “Butterfly Children”. This rare genetically inherited skin disorder is incurable and requires painful 3 hour dressing changes every second day.
DEBRA Australia works to provide financial and emotional support to families with EB as well as advocating and providing vital funding to research for a cure.

Thank you for choosing to donate to DEBRA Australia.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible and all donations are greatly appreciated.

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