Thank you for choosing to donate to Diabetes Victoria in memory of your loved one. we have made it even easier for you to support us, Diabetes Victoria has partnered with Everyday Hero to provide a platform to make donations online. In just minutes you can build your own Tribute page for your loved one and have your family and friends make a donation by emailing around the unique link of your webpage. Each donation is recorded on your page along with any message from your donors.

Diabetes Victoria

Diabetes Victoria supports, empowers and campaigns for all Victorians affected by diabetes.

Our purpose is to minimise the impact of diabetes in the community, to help all people affected by diabetes, and to contribute to the search for a cure.

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Honour the memory of a family member or friend who lived with diabetes by making a donation to Diabetes Victoria. Your gift will contribute to supporting others living with diabetes or to research into diabetes management, prevention and a cure.

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