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Assistance Dogs Australia

We exist to increase the freedom and independence for people living with disabilities. We train Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies through a two-year accredited program, equipping them with the skills to become life changing Assistance Dogs.

Through our incredible dogs, we help people with physical disabilities in wheelchairs, children with autism, adults diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and couples living with early onset dementia.

These incredible dogs aptly learn how to become an extra pair of hands - from loading a washing machine, opening and closing doors, pressing the pedestrian button at lights - to life saving alert calls if their owner is in trouble.

Our Assistance Dogs make a dramatic difference in other ways too; their wagging tail and unconditional love relieving social isolation and increasing long term independence to offer a better quality of life.

To date we have placed more 200 Assistance Dogs, free of charge, across Australia. We currently have 150 people on our waiting list.

Your support will enable us to continue this very im-paw-tant work to change the lives of Australians, one dog at a time.
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