Thank you for supporting Woodbury Autism Education and Research.

Continuous fundraising and generous donations ensure Woodbury continues to help our special children Shine!

Woodbury is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible.


Woodbury is a small independent school for children with autism that uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to teach children the skills they require to live independently as adults, and hopefully take their rightful place in the community as fully functioning adults. Our programs address such areas as communication, behaviour, academics, social and play skills, and daily living skills.

ABA is evidence-based, and proven to be the best treatment for children with autism.

Due to the high level of staff and expertise required to implement an ABA program within the school environment, and limited government funding being available, families actively fundraise to keep fees to a minimum. This places pressure on families who are already enduring a higher level of stress in their lives by caring for a child with a lifelong disability.

Living in a country like Australia, providing your child with an appropriate education should not have to be a financial decision for families. Not giving a child what they want is one thing, but not giving a child what they need due to financial reasons shouldn’t be a decision parents have to make.

We need your financial assistance to lighten the load for families and to help make Woodbury accessible for more children.

Please support Woodbury and help our special children shine.

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