Each day around the world, 18 million people celebrate their birthday. Imagine if they each donated their birthday to a cause they love – the impact would be huge.

For your next birthday will you create a brighter and safer future for women and girls around the world?

It’s easy, simply click ‘start fundraising’ to get the party started!

Donating your birthday makes a difference to women and girls around the world. Here's how:

  • $1216 can light up a marketplace to improve women's safety at work
  • $873 can support a safe house to protect women from domestic violence
  • $312 can provide safe transport for women in Papua New Guinea
  • $156 can ensure women have access to legal aid
  • $98 can deliver a young women's leadership program.
Together we can create brighter and safer futures for women and girls around the world.

If you have any questions or need any help setting up your page, please contact us on (02) 6185 0010 or fundraising@unwomen.org.au

UN Women National Committee Australia

UN Women Australia exists to raise funds for and awareness of UN Women’s platform to end violence against women, promote economic empowerment, advance women in leadership, ensure women’s participation in peace processes and to accelerate gender equality worldwide.

UN Women is the United Nations agency for women’s empowerment and gender equality, delivering programs and transforming policy to create a brighter future for women and girls in 96 countries worldwide.

When you empower a woman, you empower a nation.

35 heroes fundraising today.

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