Rowing an Ocean for his Mum.

Tim will be embarking on a truly amazing mission that he hopes will help change the lives of the 21,000 Australians who like his Mum, are living with Multiple Sclerosis.


Rhonda Spiteri has been an inspiration and role model to her son Tim his whole life.

But Tim’s admiration for his mum is due to more than just her raising him.

Rhonda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her late teens. However with this mysterious disease, symptoms can go into hibernation/remission for many years, but reoccur unexpectedly at any time.

This was the case with Rhonda’s MS. Only in the last five or so years, have her symptoms returned, and now, MS is affecting Rhonda’s life.  In the late 90’s Rhonda was very fit, even successfully completing a marathon, in comparison, today, Rhonda’s leg now starts to drag after only walking short distances.

Rhonda experiences other ongoing symptoms that are associated with her MS and make her daily life difficult; among these is a lack and loss of balance.

However it wasn’t until Rhonda met someone else living with the same disease, Paralympian and MS Ambassador Carol Cooke that she began to understand the implications of MS. The pair met at Rowing, and during a conversation they spoke about the issues associated with the disease, and that’s when Rhonda realised that her lack of balance and jumpiness, were all part of her reoccurring symptoms.

Rhonda spent time having steroid injections to try and address some of the issues and symptoms, however she saw little to no improvement in her condition. She now relies on a special diet to ensure that she is as healthy as she can be.

Rhonda lives every day with this disease, a disease that affects more than 21,000 Australians, a disease to which there is no known cure  

Tim is rowing for his mum and the 21,000 Australians living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tim will be attempting the near impossible, to row two oceans in the same year.

  • In January 2013 Tim will take on the elements to attempt the ocean rowing equivalent of the four minute mile: to row the Atlantic Ocean from Gran Carnaria (Canary Islands) to Barbados in less than 30 days, non-stop
  • If all goes to plan, Tim will then embark on a world first in June 2013; six men will attempt one of the last great challenges of the human endeavour and endurance: rowing over 8,000 kilometres from Western Australia to South Africa, no stop and without support.

Tim believes that by taking on these two oceans, and the many risks involved, he can raise much needed funds and create the awareness needed to assist in the care of those with MS, and hopefully get even closer to finding a cure.

In an enormous act of generosity, when Time is done, he will be donating all funds raised to MS Australia.

Please support Tim on his incredible voyage.

To show your support and donate, follow Tim through this site, his blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


MS is the preeminent source of information, advice and services for people living with multiple sclerosis. A combined entity of ACT, NSW and Victoria, we support people living with multiple sclerosis to achieve all the everyday things we take for granted, while our search for a cure continues.

We’re here to help people live their lives with multiple sclerosis and provide them with the best long term options and life outcomes.

When you fundraise for MS, you're helping someone achieve the everyday things we take for granted, while the search for a cure continues.




Over 3,150 people have climbed Mount Everest

12 people have walked on the moon

Only 5 Australian boats have crossed the Atlantic Ocean

Just 16 rowing boats have crossed the Indian Ocean

No one has rowed from Australia to Mainland Africa

The voyage’s will not only set new world record and allow Tim to lay claim to being one the first to have achieved this feat, but will also aim to raise $250,000 for MS Australia.

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