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Take the first step to supporting the GI Cancer Institute and sign up for the Gutsy Challenge.

The GI Cancer Institute saves lives by funding research and clinical trials to improve the quality of life for people with gastro-intestinal (GI) cancers in Australia and finding better treatments for future patients.

The Gutsy Challenge is a fun and healthy way to fundraise for GI cancer research and help encourage your friends and family to sponsor you or to take the Gutsy Challenge with you.

Follow these four easy steps and sign up for the Gutsy Challenge today:

1. Choose your challenge and set the date: decide what you’re going to do - participate in a fun run or sporting event, ride a bike, eat healthy or host a morning tea, set up a team with your family or colleagues from work… or climb a mountain – almost anything goes!

2. Set up your Everyday Hero page: by selecting Start fundraising - it only takes a minute to sign up with your email or Facebook.

3. Tell your family and friends: send an email, use social media or hang up posters – download our toolkit and resources to help you motivate potential donors and encourage them to donate. If you have a personal connection with GI cancer, share your story and inspire others to contribute.

4. Complete the challenge… and have fun!

With an overall survival rate of just 49%—and as low as 6% for pancreatic cancer—GI cancers kill more Australians everyday than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Sadly, most are diagnosed late, which reduces the chance of survival. By participating in the Gutsy Challenge you are helping the GI Cancer Institute to raise essential funds for research to improve these survival rates and the quality of life for people diagnosed with GI cancer.

Start your Gutsy Challenge today!

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GI Cancer Institute

The GI Cancer Institute aims to save, extend and provide a better quality-of-life for people with gastro-intestinal (GI) cancers. GI cancer refers to the group of cancers that affect the digestive system, including the oesophagus, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach and bowel. It is the most common form of cancer: 24,600 Australians are diagnosed with GI cancer every year and 33 die each day-that's one person every 45 minutes.

With your help and fundraising through the Gutsy Challenge, we can change these statistics and save lives.
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Start fundraising today and Get Gutsy for GI cancer!

Your fundraising efforts will make a real difference and help the GI Cancer Institute to save lives. And, by participating in a Gutsy Challenge you’ll develop healthier habits and feel a whole lot better.

Set up and customise your fundraising page online in minutes, and then share the link with your friends, family and colleagues asking them to donate and support your Gutsy Challenge. Every donation is recorded on your fundraising page with any messages of support from your donors.

Thank you for supporting the GI Cancer Institute and joining the Gutsy Challenge.

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