The Cause - Insight

Until Insight opened its doors in February 2013, there was no longer a school for the blind and vision impaired anywhere in Victoria (the old RVIB was closed by Vision Australia in 2009). Yet there are around 1000 blind and vision impaired children and young people Victoria-wide. With blindness, learning and developing knowledge, skills and self-awareness is a challenge. 80 - 85% of everything we learn is acquired though vision.

The Insight goal is simple: give kids from Day 1 at school (and help older kids catch up) the academic and life skills, the self-esteem and self- confidence, they need to PROSPER in a mainstream school so that they can get an education and go on to get paid employment – and have an INDEPENDENT life.

This Year's Project

While Insight works to create Satellites and expand both Satellite and MC coverage throughout Victoria, it operates 2 buses every day – one the full length of the Tullamarine- Monash Freeways and one along Eastlink – bringing kids to Berwick from all over.

As the Satellites open, then some Berwick based kids will transfer from the hub to a conveniently located satellite.

The huge need is always to be able to transport children from N, S, E & W to Berwick and then from surrounding suburbs/towns to our Mainstream Satellite Units as they open. Berwick is serviced by 2 buses. Mainstream Satellites will be serviced by a range of vehicles from cars to minibuses.

These vehicles have yet to be purchased as funds have yet to be raised.

The Kids Fun Run With Thomas will fund a Minibus 11/12 seater that is Diesel and automatic that needs to inlcude reversing beeper, Norden passenger hand rail, seat belts, 2 extinguishers, retrofit of school bus flashing yellow lights and signage front and rear.

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