“Sue was very honest with us. On the first visit she said, ‘You need to realise you’re going to have a really tiny baby.’  When I finally saw John, I knew what tiny meant. He weighed less than a tub of butter. Now, with the treatment he’s had at Mercy Hospital for Women, his heart is good, his brain is good. At the end of the day he’s our perfect little boy.”

Paula Metaxiotis, mother of John, born at 26 weeks weighing 395 grams. 

In 2012, our family was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our third child. But our lives were changed forever when our son, John (Jack) Benedict Tighe, was unexpectedly born prematurely and died at birth.

"Often, as was the case for us, there is no explanation as to why things went wrong, which only compounds our loss.

“We then suffered multiple miscarriages before I fell pregnant again. We were overjoyed to celebrate the safe arrival of our daughter Isabel in December 2015.

“I have been fortunate to meet some amazing health professionals, like Professor Sue Walker, who are working hard at saving precious lives and to give families like mine hope, when previously there was no hope.”

Alex Tighe, mother of Jack, who was unexpectedly born prematurely and died at birth.

What is Mercy Perinatal?

It is a harrowing fact that one in 130 pregnancies in Australia ends in stillbirth. The number of children tragically lost at birth each year exceeds the national road toll.
Around the world, a baby dies from prematurity every 30 seconds – and according to the World Health Organization, preterm birth is the number one killer of children aged under 5.

We want to change these statistics - but we need your help.

Our aim is to establish Mercy Perinatal as a unique centre of excellence that will advance research, teaching and clinical practice with a focus on the first 300 days of life after conception.
 As an international centre of perinatal excellence, Mercy Perinatal will  fast-track pioneering advances in care to combat:

• stillbirth
• preeclampsia
• ectopic pregnancies and
• maternal mental illness.

You can help us advance the medical knowledge and science that will give our most vulnerable babies an all-important start to life, so that every family can celebrate the joy of children.

Your donation will have a direct impact on the future for mothers and their babies, just like Alex, Paula and their families.

Mercy Health Foundation

Mercy Health Foundation supports Mercy Health by advancing care and improving life outcomes for people in need. If you want to fundraise for us, you are in the right place. Everything you contribute ensures vulnerable families can benefit from the best care, most advanced technologies and equipment, the most innovative research and the most brilliant medical minds. No matter how big or small your fundraising activity is, we are grateful for your support and delighted to have you as part of our community.

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