After my husband’s diagnosis, we felt so overwhelmed with information; it was difficult to follow the directions we had been given by our Neurologist. On her first visit, our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist explained things in detail and with such clarity that my husband’s spirit lifted noticeably and almost immediately. He had always been reluctant to go to the doctors and refused to go to Occupational Therapy or Physio. Now he looks forward to those visits, and is doing exercises at home and walking, which he would not have done before. Since the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist visits, he has a new lease on life and is so much more positive- Thank you so much.”

-          Testimonial from Family/ Carer of Parkinson’s WA client, Collie

Parkinson's Western Australia Inc

Incorporated in 1984, Parkinson's Western Australia Inc. is a small not for profit organisation with the task of providing care and services to nearly 20,000 people living with or affected by Parkinson's in Western Australia.

Our vision is for a nation without Parkinson's.

Our mission is to encourage, develop and implement programs for the cure, treatment and care of people with Parkinson's.

At present there is no cure and as most people live for many years with this progressive condition, the primary focus of treatment is on the control and management of symptoms and reduction in complications associated with Parkinson's.

The Parkinson's WA's Nurse Specialist Service provides education, support, assessment and ongoing monitoring of people living with the condition. The Service covers the metropolitan and some regional areas in Western Australia.

There are 22 active Parkinson's Support Groups in the State. We also offer our community, access to regular weekly dance, tai chi, yoga and singing classes.

In addition to conducting seminars and funding research,Parkinson's WA provides an educational role to medical and allied health professionals with the aim of ensuring informed care.

Learning to live with Parkinson’s is not easy. Your generous donations during the last year have enabled us to make significant inroads in providing community based visits across regional Western Australia.  Our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists travelled from Esperance to Karratha, Kalgoorlie to Jurien Bay to name a few. They provided invaluable advice to clients as well as up skilling allied health professionals in the best practice management for people with Parkinson’s.

As we enter this Christmas season, I ask you to please consider putting one more item on your Christmas gift list this year,  a donation to Parkinson’s WA. We’ve all heard that it is better to give than to receive. To know that you are helping to make someone’s life just a little bit easier is an indescribable feeling.

Your gift will impact the Parkinson’s community directly by supporting the areas of greatest need we have identified as beneficial to people living with Parkinson’s and their family partners/carers.

This Christmas, send a donation to Parkinson’s WA and help us to extend our wonderful Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist service to more of regional WA- together we can cover more ground, travel more kilometres and spread our wings around our vast state.

On behalf of the Board and staff at Parkinson’s WA, I wish you and your family health and happiness for this festive season.    

John McDonald

President, Board of Management

Parkinson's WA       

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