Two Australians are diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and two Australians die from MND disease every day.

We have many super smart, dedicated and passionate researchers working long hours for that illusive breakthrough that will lead to a cure. Progress is definitely being made. They need our support to continue.

The National Health and Medical Research Council research budget has a funding pool of $900M. In 2015 MND research received $3M or roughly 0.35% of the budget.

To put it into perspective, in 2016 Australia spent enough on all medical research to buy 22% of a submarine. Australia spent enough on MND research to buy 0.07% of a submarine… possibly a propeller?

The MND and Me Foundation is striving to raise much needed funding to understand the causes, find effective treatments and discover a cure for MND.

Without donations research cannot be undertaken and a cure cannot be found - please donate to MND research today.

MND and Me Foundation

To Care and to Cure

The MND and ME Foundation Ltd is a not for profit registered charity built on the support of volunteers.

Our aim is to raise funds to assist and provide a quality of life for people living with MND which is not compromised by their diagnosis - a life with dignity and independence.

The Foundation actively contributes financially towards research into finding a cure . The next stage in the Foundation's development will be to ensure those who have to live with this terrible disease and their families are supported both in financial and non-financial ways.

1 heroes fundraising today.

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